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Passionen (Audio-CD)

Maria Kowollik (alto) sings solo compositions

Playtime (total): 71:61
Cast: Alt

Performer: Maria Kowollik (Alto solo)

Composer: Klaus Hinrich Stahmer, Reinhard Febel, Hartmut Jentzsch, André Werner, Walter Thomas Heyn, Vinko Globokar

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Solo voice is very special challenge for both the composer and the performer. It offers the composer the opportunity to register his most personal sensations in a kind of seismographic diary and to express his innermost thoughts while for the vocalist, an artistic tightrope walk is in store without a safety line nor a net below. Left solely to oneself, the singing performer is confronted with his or her own being thereby allowing the listener admittance to the inner-workings of the world of music. This is more than taken into account in this selection of contemporary works which the composers created working closely together with the singer and performer Maria Kowollik.

1.-13. Winterreise - 1. Winternacht 2. So durch die Bäume fällt 3. Ich wanderte 4. Frieden? 5. Seht ihr 6. Trug 7. Auf und Ab 8. Abend 9. Nicht? 10. Und ging 11. Weiter 12. Angst 13. Wiegen - 14. Passion - 15.-18. Now - 15. Now is a ship 16. Spring! May! 17. O the sun comes up 18. Now does our world descend - 19. Zarathustra I - 20.-24. Silicernium - 20. Abend 21. Aufforderung 22. Für die Londoner 23. Komm 24. Sonett Nr.66 - 25. Jenseits der Sicherheit