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Bach meets Shostakovich meets Bach

Bach meets Shostakovich meets Bach (Audio-CD)

Playtime (total): 68:84
Cast: StrQuar

Performer: Rachmaninov Quartett, Special Arrangements by Heyn

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Dmitri Shostakovich, Special Arrangements by Walter Thomas Heyn

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As the 200th anniversary of Bach's death formed an impetus for Shostakovich to compose fugues and preludes, it is the aim of this CD to directly compare the original and its homage. An individual reflection on two worlds of counterpoint. A co-production with DeutschlandRadio.

Shostakovich: 1. Präludium G-Dur / Bach: 2. Präludium d-moll BWV 875 3. Fuge d-moll 4. Präludium F-Dur BWV 880 5. Fuge F-Dur, 6. Präludium a-moll BWV 889 / Shostakovich: 7. Präludium a-moll 8. Fuge a-moll / Bach: 9. Präludium E-Dur BWV 878 10. Fuge E-Dur / Shostakovich: 11. Präludium D-Dur 12. Fuge D-Dur / Bach: 13. Präludium B-Dur BWV 866 14. Fuge B-Dur / Shostakovich: 16. Präludium B-Dur 17. Fuge B-Dur / Bach: 17. Präludium g-moll BWV 885 18. Fuge g-moll / Finale: C-Dur Pasticcio

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