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Accelerando (Audio-CD)

Piano Duos and Trios

Cast: Vl, Vc, Klav

Performer: Trio Vistèl: Uta Fiedler (Violin), Douglas Vistèl (Cello), Almuth Kraußer-Vistèl (Piano)

Composer: Kurt Schwaen

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Schwaen's ability to reach his goals in a concentrated and direct fashion and to express the "results" in a concise and convincing manner signifies these works.

Klaviertrio Nr. 3 for Violin, Cello and Piano 1. Allegro energico 2. Andane semplice 3. Allegro molto / Suite classique for Violin and Piano 4. Allegro assai 5. Andante tranquillo 6. Allegro deciso 7. Minuetto grazioso 8. Presto / Vier slawische Tänze for Cello and Piano 9. Allegretto 10. Allegro vivo 11. Moderato 12. Vivo / Klaviertrio Nr. 4 for Violin, Cello and Piano 13. Andante 14. Vivace 15. Adagio 16. Allegro vivo / 17. Capriccio Hommage à Strawinsky for Violin and Piano / Sequenzen in Es - Four Movements for Violin and Piano 18. Andante 19. Grave - Moderato semplice 20. Moderato deciso / Klaviertrio Nr. 5 "en miniature" for Violin, Cello and Piano 21. Vivo 22. Moderato 23. Andante 24. Allegro risoluto 25. Andante 26. Moderato 27. Pico vivo 28.
Andante molto 29. Vivo 30. Allegro con moto

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