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Caspar René Hirschfeld - Songs & Sonnets

Caspar René Hirschfeld - Songs & Sonnets (Audio-CD)

Playtime (total): 68:81
Cast: Gesang, Klavier

Performer: Grit Díaz de Arce (Soprano), C. René Hirschfeld (Piano)

Composer: C. René Hirschfeld

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The Berlin composer Hirschfeld has devoted his attention to the sonnet form for many years and the outcome has been a magnificent series of chamber music works. Many of these songs were written especially for the soprano Grit Díaz de Arce.

1. Sonett I for Piano solo (op.12), 2.-6. Kranichpaar im Dunkel - 5 Lieder nach altchinesischer Dichtung (op. 39) 7. Sonett VIII for Piano solo (op. 29) 8.-17. 10 heimliche Liebeslieder (op. 52) after Text by Heinrich Heine for Voice and Piano