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The Horatians and the Kuriations

The Horatians and the Kuriations (Audio-CD)

A Morality Play with Music

Playtime (total): 67:58
Cast: div.

Performer: Ensemble Zeitklänge, Mitglieder des Rundfunk-Sinfonie Orchesters, Christine Reumschüssel (Piano), Anemone Poland (Director), Mirijam Sohar (Musical Director)

Composer: Text: Bertolt Brecht, Music: Kurt Schwaen

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Schwaens release (he was born in 1909) is a recording of a morality play by Bertolt Brecht which Walter Benjamin considered to be the author's most successful. A co-production with DeutschlandRadio

1.-5. Der Aufmarsch (The Deployment) 6.-11. Die Schlacht der Bogenschützen (The Battle of the Archers) 12.-18. Die Schlacht der Lanzenträger (The Battle of the Lance Beares) 19.-30. Die Schlacht der Schwertkämpfer (The Battle of the Sword Fighters) 31. Gespräch mit dem Komponisten (Discussion with the Composer)