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Florestan Quartett

Florestan Quartett (Audio-CD)

Playtime (total): 64:48
Cast: 2 Vl, Va, Vc

Performer: Masaki Ueno (1st Violin), Haruyo Tsurusaki (2nd Violin), Nachiko Ueno (Viola), Naoki Tsurusaki (Cello)

Composer: Ortwin Benninghoff, Walter Thomas Heyn, Karl Heinz Wahren, Günther Wiesemann

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EAN: 4 018262 260335
Product No.: kr10033

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The repertoire of the Florestan Quartet extends from Haydn to modern contemporary music. That they have brilliant command of the latter is proven by this recording.

Walter Thomas Heyn (1953): 1. Traumbild (alla Tiento) unter Verwendung des königlichen Themas (unsing a royal theme) "Image of a Dream" (alla Tiento)/ Ortwin Benninghoff (1946): 2. Trio / Karl Heinz Wahren (1933): 3. Ricordandi a Verdi / Günther Wiesemann (1956): 4. Ausklang - inwendig Einklang (concluding sound - harmony from inside)