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Hommage à Alfred Berghorn

Hommage à Alfred Berghorn (Audio-CD)

Organ Improvisations - Organ Compositions

Playtime (total): 73:32
Cast: 2 Trp, Org

Performer: Trio Sereno: Ortwin Benninghoff (Organ), Jahn Topeit (Trumpet), Tobias Füller (Trumpet)

Composer: Walter Thomas Heyn, Alfred Berghorn, Ortwin Benninghoff

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EAN: 4 018262 260311
Product No.: kr10031

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Berghorn (1911-1978) was one of the leading post-war organ improvisers. This CD is the first release of an installment of his radio recordings as well as two original compositions (by Benninghoff and Heyn) especially dedicated to him.

Walter Thomas Heyn (1953*): 1. Antiphonie (I) 2. Invention (I) 3. Aus tiefer Not 4. Invention (II) 5. Antiphonie (II) / Alfred Berghorn: Orgelimprovisationen 6. über B-A-C-H (28.4.1974) 7. über ein freies Thema (26.12.76) 8. über das "Te Deum" (1974) 9. über ein freies Thema (Ostern 1975) 10. über ein freies Thema (3. März 1974) 11. Improvisation in Form einer Toccata und Fuge / Ortwin Benninghoff (1946): 12. Cantus über die Vergänglichkeit