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Feininger Impulses

Feininger Impulses (Audio-CD)

Painting and Music

Playtime (total): 56:27
Cast: Klav

Performer: Viviane Goergen (Kurt Dietmar Richter Track 4)

Composer: Lyonel Feininger, Kurt Dietmar Richter

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The painter Feininger maintained a close association to music his entire life. He imitated the structure of Bach's fugues both as a painter and musician. The composer Richter attempts to project the creative expression of the painter onto a musical plane.

Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956) Das Klavierwerk: 1. Fuge I (1921) 2. Fuge II "nicht sehr schnell/not very fast" (1921) 3. Gigue (Fuge III) (1922) 4. Fuge VI für Orgel oder Klavier zu drei Händen (for Organ or Piano three hands) Fassung für Klavier / Version for Piano 1922 "con gravezza" / Kurt Dietmar Richter (*1931) Feininger Impulse, Klavierzyklus 5. Nachtstück I / Night Piece I 6. Spiegelung- fließend / Reflection - flowing 7. Nachtstück II / Night Piece II 8. Vorschlag für ein Denkmal / Proposal for a Monument 9. Ludus 10. Kathedrale der Zukunft / Cathedral of the Future 11. Nachtstück III / Night Piece III

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