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ConCerto Encuentro

ConCerto Encuentro (Audio-CD)

Compositions between Tango, Folklore and Contemporary Music

Playtime (total): 70:40
Cast: mixted ensemble

Performer: Pablo Daniel García (Guitar), José Vítores (Guitar), Guest Musicians: Ana Laura Rimoldi (Flute), Ulrike Schnelle (Violin), Stefanie John (Violoncello), René Toriello (Guitar, Doublebass Guitar, Cajón

Composer: Pablo Daniel García, José Vítores

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José Vítores (born 1962 in Guayaquil, Ecuador) and Pablo Daniel García (born 1963 in Buenos Aires, Argentina), two South American musicians who live in Berlin present their own compositions. Translated into English, Concierto Encuentro means „Concert Encounter“ which also contains the double entendre that indicates similarities the two musicians share. The poetry of this music, which incorporates a touch of tango, contemporary classical music, jazz and Latin American folklore, adopts a new, beautiful and expressive dimension.


01 A sólo un instante (Pablo D. García)
02 Buenos Aires Rítmico (Pablo D. García, Edition Walhall, Magdeburg)
03 Agua Dulce (Pablo D. García)
04 Proemio (José Vítores)
05 Fantasía San Martín (José Vítores)
06 A tu encuentro voy (Pablo D. García)
07 Minilonga (Pablo D. García)
08 ¡Pasaje a la mano! (José Vítores)
09 Lejanía (Pablo D. García)
10 Fugarera (Pablo D. García)
11 A orillas del sol (Pablo D. García)
12 La mitad más uno (Pablo D. García)
13 Hoy no, tal vez mañana (José Vítores)
14 Admiración (José Vítores)
15 Pasillo (José Vítores)
16 Milonga Cósmica (Pablo D. García)
17 La fuerza del alma (Pablo D. García)
18 El patadura (Pablo D. García)
19 La Contraseña (José Vítores

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