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The Spanish Guitar

The Spanish Guitar (Audio-CD)

Cast: Git

Performer: Bernd Steinmann (Guitar)

Composer: F. M. Torroba, Bernd Steinmann, I. Albéniz

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Apart from classical music, Bernd Steinmann also has a special liking for flamenco. In addition to Albéniz, Torroba and the "Spanish Romantics", he also performs his own flamenco arrangements.

1. Allegretto 2. Andante 3. Allegro 4. spanische Romanze (Anon.) 5. Soleares 6. Malaguena 7. Fadango de Huelva 8. Rumba Gitana 9. Columbianas 10. Fantasia Flamenca 11. Asturias I. Albeniz

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